The Salvation of the Gentiles in Romans 15:8-12

I wrote a series on Romans 15:8-12 some time ago.  There are so many presuppositions about the relationship between Israel and the church that are disproven by simply reading this passage and looking up the scriptures from the law, psalms, and prophets that are quoted.  I was still formulating my positions as I studied these passages.  These principles are much more solidified in my mind now.

Please note: I am writing as a true amateur, someone who loves the word of God and prophecy.  I have no degree in anything.  I truly am a nobody if you need some sort of official education to be qualified.  The strength of what I write must stand on its own.  I follow no commentary to come to my conclusions, only examining the word of God in context.

Here in these posts, I see Israel and the church side by side.  God in His wisdom ordained for Gentiles to be praising God for His faithfulness to the physical nation of Israel.  These Gentiles which were foretold in the prophets are currently in the church participating in the covenants which were made to Israel.  The earthly ministry of Jesus Christ was almost completely TO Israel but not completely FOR Israel as evidenced by Matthew the tax collector, see Matthew 12:15-21.

This post contains links to all those posts that I wrote some 13 years ago.

Romans 15:3 and Psalm 69:9 ~ This serves as an introduction.

Jesus Christ became a Minister of the Circumcision ~ This explains the opening principle.

Romans 15:9 and Psalm 18:49 ~ Gentiles can rejoice because Israel’s Messiah will eventually rule.

Romans 15:10 and Israel’s Future Covenants ~ The Covenant Foundation

The Song of Moses ~ As an eschatological song and how it relates to the church

Psalm 117 ~ An Introduction ~ The idea that Psalm 117 is a part of a larger whole, namely Psalm 110-118

New Testament Usage of Psalm 110 – 118 ~ Further delving into how the New Testament writers quoted this passage

The Apocalypse of the Great Messianic Concerto ~ The overarching theme of Psalm 110-118

The Salvation of the Gentiles in Psalm 117 ~ Closing thoughts regarding the Great Messianic Concerto

Messianic Gentiles ~ Wait, one more thought

Gentile Nations Will Seek The Messiah ~ Romans 15:12 and Isaiah 11:10

Romans 15:8-12 ~ A Brief Summary

Paul – The Apostle to the Gentiles ~ at the end there are a couple of links to related articles

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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