The Devil Came Calling

I wrote a poem titled The Devil Came Calling. I also preached a sermon titled Crucified with Christ in which I was able to use my poem. You can watch the message at this link here which my church posted on facebook. The poem is below.

The Devil

The devil came calling, the night of my death
He found me there helpless; I took my last breath

He was crafty and cunning, deceitful as e’er
The delights at his table were luscious and fair

This man had once devoured them all
But this was the time he ignored the call

The devil was puzzled, and thought to ask
“Why doesn’t he answer as in times past?

For so many nights he played the part
I pulled the strings on this work of art

My faithful client will surely respond
Of our time together I’ve grown so fond

I’ve so many plans; where did we leave off?
A pity ‘twould be if my servant were lost

Your friends await your witty jeers”
But his pleas for temptation fell on deaf ears

“Let’s joke with the rude, making fun of the weak
Some naughty remarks with tongue in cheek

Such dainty delights at the devil’s fine table
No fool can resist; no one is able

Come eat your fill, like you did before
You know you want to; then have some more

What fun we would have, giving ladies a glance
A little excitement, come join in the dance

Come eat the best food, and drink the best drink
Do what you want, and think what you think

Cruel remarks at another’s expense
Laughing out loud at foolish nonsense

What a waste to be dead to all his affection
My loyal disciple followed all my direction

Would you rather be up and dancing around
Or flat on your back not making a sound?

Deep down I know you’re the same old man
Unable to change, come follow my plan.”

The leash that Satan had used to guide
Was attached at the neck, and lay by his side

The chain was still fastened; it had not broke
‘Twould still prevail if he ever awoke

“If he would just get up, he cannot say no
All the passion would come; it surely would flow”

The devil not dissuaded that he could be beat
Tried ever and often to accomplish this feat

But the devil concluded: “he must truly be dead
He cannot be living; no more can be said”

The corpse that remained proved fruitless for him
As there was no power to pull him back in

He finally departed for lack of reaction
To dominate others still bound by attraction.

The Death

The devil came calling, and found a surprise
A man dead on a cross, unable to rise

So much potential for his dearest friend
But lifeless and cold, he had come to his end

He died prematurely; his life had ceased
Now dead with the Savior, he lay there in peace

Try as he might to get him to sin
He lay there dead, without and within

Plague-ridden filthy, and sinner he was
But peaceful and quiet, he would not budge

Lust-worthy, selfish, abominable acts
Were all in his past, and that was a fact

Astray from his birth in vain imagination
Bending his friends to manipulation

Cursing and lying, an occasional jest
Once spewed out his mouth at the devil’s behest

Demanding his way, and never gave grace
Gossip and slander to try to save face

Cut from the cloth of the devil himself
He walked in his steps, and wore his suit well

He would try his best, (as he broke his word)
With a pat on the back, the devil concurred

Even asleep, he did not rest
Constantly dreaming of lusts of the flesh

While the devil lamented incredible loss
He would not move from the old rugged cross

“I cannot go back to playing the fool
Thinking I’m good, not the devil’s tool

‘I’m better than most!’ I used to proclaim
‘I’m a good guy; I have a good name’ ”

Then he would provide those same filthy clothes
Foul rags for good works would again be exposed

As much as I thought my life was good
God showed me in truth: I don’t do what I should

The voice of God said, “Until your flesh dies
You have no part with eternal life

You must experience complete termination
Go to the cross with no hesitation

If you think that you’re good, and need not die too
Then the way of the cross is not for you.”

Then I cried out “Quick! I’ll take my last breath
The world will be better at the time of my death”

In one fell swoop, with victory won
This addict of sin was finally done

I laid down my life, and yielded to Him
Crucified with Christ, and now dead to sin

Totally overcome, broken and beat
Falling on Jesus, I lay at his feet.

The Dawn

The devil came calling, and what did he find?
A man to the cross – completely resigned

Perfectly content to lie there still
If it means not sinning, and doing God’s will

That dirty old man finally met his fate
Nailed to a cross, with the Savior who saves

All he had done, throughout all history
Concealed by the cross in beautiful mystery

Perverted emotions, and shameful disgrace
Once vagabond thieves, now nailed in place

The habits that streamed as water that flows
Like a dry riverbed, now lay in repose

Deserving of death, so I had received
Now crucified, I’m no longer deceived

With no yearning for sin, and penance instead
In this way I found – I was better off dead

Death warrant signed by my own hand
Not merely assent, but willful command

Heaven has won; the enemy lost
The might of the devil failed at the cross

What made the change in his failure to win?
Complete crucifixion of the body of sin

The night of the devil is finally past
Welcome the dawn; it has come at last

This fear I have: that I would revert
Back to the sinner who lies in the dirt

To raise up from the grave this man full of lust
And think by good deeds that he could be just

Boasting out loud, competing with greed
Desiring praise for a meaningless deed

With succulent fruit inside of his mouth
He’d surely concede, I haven’t a doubt

Scrub him up clean; dress him up nice!
A sinner he’ll be till the day that he dies!

Who would have believed if they were told
Beneath the façade he was empty and cold?

I am speaking the truth: stop living a lie
In order to live, we first must die

The hope that I will not concede to temptation
Is not in ability, but in emancipation

For delivery from sin: death is the cure
The blood of Jesus will make you pure

It is said that the dead no longer tell tales
Walk the plank to your death, before your ship sails

The story so great; the plan is so grand
My small finite mind simply can’t understand

Accept it by faith; believe the good news
He died for your sin; you’ve nothing to lose.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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