#7 ~ Speaking Wisdom

Harnessing the Power of the Tongue

For the Glory of God

Key Verses:  Proverbs 18:21, Psalm 141:3, Psalm 19:14

Just a note before getting started on this post.  Each of these lessons in the series is prefaced by the above three verses.  These are key verses that I challenged the class to memorize.  This was in lieu of the Bible drill where we would look up 2-4 verses from the scriptures.  I asked them each week if they had memorized these verses.  They will help keep your tongue from sin.

Imagine how different your life would be if each morning you got up and recited Psalm 19:14.  Then, any time someone asked you a question, before answering, you said in your heart the contents of Proverbs 18:21.  Finally, if anything hasty wants to come out of your mouth, before saying what you originally wanted to say, you say or think Psalm 141:3.

Lesson #7 ~ Speaking Wisdom

Note:  For contrast I include the exact opposite of what we are called to do.  We are called to speak wisdom, so I included a section about speaking foolishness.  The Bible has quite a bit to say about this.

I.  Speaking Wisdom

            A.  I Corinthians 12:8 ~ Speaking Wisdom is one of the spiritual gifts.  “Word” is the Greek word logos which means spoken word.

            B.  Proverbs 8-9:12 ~ Wisdom is an ancient entity.  (Note: depending on how much time you have for your lesson, this section can be customized.  I summarized the passage, but if you break this lesson up, this section contains quite a bit.)

            C.  Job 28:12-28 ~ Wisdom cannot be found in a physical location, but only through the fear of the LORD.

            D.  James 3:13-18 ~ True Wisdom will always be accompanied by good works: purity/holiness, peacefulness, gentleness, compliant, merciful, without partiality, without hypocrisy.  Note:  The “smart” person who also complains, it not really wise.

II.  Speaking Foolishness

            A.  Psalm 14:1, 53:1 ~ The most foolish statement of all is that there is no God.  Note:  I have nothing against great scientists.  But if they do not acknowledge that there is a God, they are nothing more than fools.

            B.  Ephesians 5:3-4 ~ A list of foolish talk includes: sexually immoral talk, dirty talk, covetous talk, obscene talk, joking as in bad humor (the Greek word has the idea of good comeback).  Note: this last section on joking prompted some discussion.  It seemed that some in my class wanted to defend the idea of joking around as being a good thing.  We had already covered edification, which means everything we say must be for the purpose of building up others.  So if I am joking around with someone, and it’s not for edification, then what is the purpose really?  No fun?  What does the word of God say?  BTW, I was also setting them up for the next week, the lesson on Correction.  If they don’t want to be corrected, then they are not wise.  Ouch.

            C.  Proverbs 18:6-7 ~ Leads to arguments and fights, see also James 3:13-18.

            D.  Job 2:9-10 ~ Blaming God for evil in the world.

            E.  Proverbs 29:20, 21:29 ~ A hasty response.  Note:  Raise your hand if you have done this.

            F.  I Kings 12:1-24 ~ The example of Rehoboam stands out as a premier example of speaking foolishly.  He ignored the advice of wise men, he thought of himself and his friends, he did not want to serve others, tried to force his way upon others.  Note:  Again, depending on how much time you have for your lesson, this example could take 5 minutes, or 20 minutes.  You decide.

III.  Examples of Speaking Wisdom in the Scriptures

            A.  I Kings 3:3-9 ~ The example of Solomon

                        1.  Admitted that he was inadequate, that he did not possess wisdom.  Note:  Solomon had already displayed wisdom in dealing with several individual situations, i.e. Joab, Adonijah, Shimei.  Here he displayed humility.

                        2.  Saw the great need in the kingdom of Israel.

                        3.  Wanted to serve God and serve others with wisdom.  Note:  Seems like the exact opposite of his son, Rehoboam.

            B.  Exodus 18 ~ The advice of Jethro to Moses.

            C.  II Samuel 20:14-22 ~ Speaking a word of wisdom can save an entire city.

            D.  Ecclesiastes 9:13-18 ~ Sometimes the true wise man is not remembered.

            E.  Acts 6:10 ~ Stephen possessed extraordinary wisdom, yet it led to his death.

Note:  C, D, and E gave an opportunity to show the reality of those who are truly wise.  You can be wise, you can save a city, and a generation later, no one remembers you.  We don’t even know the name of the woman in II Samuel 20.  You could save someone’s life and they could say they are eternally grateful.  Yet your wisdom could soon be forgotten.  Don’t expect fame for speaking wisdom.  BTW, if you want real wisdom, find some small church where the preacher gets paid hardly anything but is true to the word of God and loves the people.

Wisdom by Jill Phillips

Humble yourself before the Almighty
That’s where you find true wisdom
Make it your first step, make it your last thought
Lying in bed when the day’s done

Hear it calling out your name
In the busy streets in the center of town
Who will turn their face to truth and then live it out

Wisdom is greater than any fleeting
Pleasure that money brings you
Answers will come to those who pursue
The pathway to life that few choose

Hear it calling out your name
In the busy streets in the center of town
Who will turn their face to truth and then live it out

Knowledge awaits you filling your arms
With more than they ever could grasp
Blessed are you who hunger for truth
And keep your eyes fixed on what lasts

Hear it calling out your name
In the busy streets in the center of town
Who will turn their face to truth and then live it out

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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