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Rescued From Egypt

I have just finished reading Rescued From Egypt, the third book in a series by A.L.O.E. which Lamplighter refers to as Heroes of Faith.  The first was Shepherd of Bethlehem (the hero being David), the second was Exiles in Babylon … Continue reading

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Exiles in Babylon

It has been quite some time since I blogged on a Lamplighter Book.  But it’s been quite awhile since I read a Lamplighter Book.  Every once in a while I just need a break from prophecy.  Last year I read … Continue reading

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Robinson Crusoe

I just finished reading the classic book Robinson Crusoe.  This book has made a definite impression upon me and upon my Christian faith.  Daniel DeFoe had to have been a Christian who firmly believed in the redeeming power of Christ.  … Continue reading

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Walter Martin was post-trib

Theological juggernaut, Walter Martin, was not pre-trib.  I remember when I wanted to start reading about how different cults like Mormonism, the Watchtower, and Islam fell short in comparison to the Word of God, every commentary seemed to quote The … Continue reading

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The restoration of all things

Acts 3:19-21  Repent and be converted and He shall send Jesus whom heaven must receive until the time of restoration which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began. Alfred Bryant makes an … Continue reading

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Evidence From I Corinthians 15

The 12th chapter in The Coming Millennial Kingdom is titled Evidence from I Corinthians 15 written by D. Edmond Hiebert.  This is one of the shortest chapters in the book.  The author sets forth a pretty convincing case based on … Continue reading

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The Views of Dr. Alan Hultberg

With the release of Three Views on the Rapture, Alan Hultberg has been thrust to the forefront of the PreWrath position.  For some time, I think many have wondered how the PreWrath position stacks up in relation to the PreTrib … Continue reading

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Two responses to the posttrib position

The first response to the posttrib position is written by Craig Blaising coming from a pretrib point of view, but perhaps more importantly he writes from a Progressive Dispensational point of view.  This is important because much of the Historicist viewpoint that Douglas … Continue reading

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A Case for the Posttribulation Rapture by Douglas Moo

The third rapture position presented in the latest version of Zondervan’s book entitled Three Views on the Rapture is the Posttribulational Rapture view.  It is written by Douglas Moo who is well known for his scholarship in other areas and … Continue reading

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Two responses to the prewrath position

The two responses to the prewrath position are worth studying in themselves.  I point out that prewrath is making somewhat of a debut in this edition of Zondervan’s book.  The last edition included the pretrib view, the midtrib view, and … Continue reading

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