The story of a cross in Spring Lake

Today I am rejoicing with friends.  Sometimes God places certain people at just such a place and time because He knows they will be faithful through the trials and spiritual battle.  And it has been a spiritual battle.  For those who live in the West Michigan area, the controversy regarding Christ Community Church has been quite public.  The struggle that International Aid went through has also been quite public.  Throughout these two spiritual struggles, God has placed two people at the center, and I consider myself blessed to know them personally.  Dave and Kristen Wisen have also recently planted a church in the Spring Lake area.  Now God is bringing all of these things together to bring glory to Himself.

When C3 Exchange took down the cross from the top of their building, it sparked attention gaining national coverage.  Now there is the opportunity to put that cross back up on top of the same building, but this time, the building is going to be a place where God’s Word is preached.  This is such a marvelous story and I’m posting links to the video, the news media story, and Kristen’s own blog so you can read or watch it for yourself.  The news article will take 5 minutes to read, the video will take 20 minutes to watch, but it’s worth every minute.  This Good Friday something amazing will happen.  People all over the world will celebrate the death of the Savior of the world.  Something more minor will occur, but inextricably linked to it.  In Spring Lake, Michigan, 15 minutes from where I live, the cross, once taken down and rejected by a congregation, will be placed atop that same building for all to be seen.  Then on Resurrection Sunday, we celebrate victory of Life Himself over death.

Read the news article here.

Watch the video here.

Read Kristen’s blog here.

Praise God here (wherever you are.)

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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2 Responses to The story of a cross in Spring Lake

  1. TC says:

    Hey, Mailman, I’ve returned to blogging at New Leaven. I thought you might like to know, since we interacted quite a bit. 😉

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