Ecce Venit

I have completed the book Ecce Venit by A. J. Gordon, who also wrote the hymn, My Jesus, I Love Thee.  I’m going to wind up recommending the book, but I’m going to qualify that recommendation.  The book was first published in 1889, back when authors used a wide range of vocabulary when writing.  For instance, I learned the words obloquy, palliation, and opprobrium.  For quite some time I didn’t pursue purchasing this book because of its strange title.  It’s Latin for “Behold He Comes”, in reference to the coming of our LORD Jesus Christ. 

As far as eschatology, this would qualify as representing Historic Premillennialism.  As was the trend in that era, there is a historicist flavor present throughout the book.  So from our futurist perspective that is quite prevalent within Premillennialism today, some of the points of view brought up may seem quite odd.  I already posted the chapter entitled Heavenly Citizenship (view it at this link here) which was simply inspiring to say the least.  There were some additional thoughts that were original as far as I know.  I can’t remember anyone expounding on the sacraments in such a way as to turn my attention directly to the second, visible, bodily coming of Christ.  Some of his extrapolations on the parables of Christ I felt were spiritualizing the texts; they were interesting, but not quite sure if I agree.  Then there were a couple of items where I thought, “No, just plain wrong.”

All in all, I would recommend this book to the serious eschatology student.  It gives insight into the prevalent thoughts within the Premillennial position from over a hundred years ago.  His positions obviously need to be examined and not just accepted automatically.  I have thought about blogging through this book and also the book Millennarian Views: With Reasons for Receiving Them by Alfred Bryant, which I would rate a step above this one.  Then again, I’m blogging my way through The Coming Millennial Kingdom with three more essays to go.  Also, I’ve got to make time to read the new Three Views on the Rapture since PreWrath is included.  I got the inside track that Hultberg and I may have a lot in common.  Or were you just stringing me along, Mo?  Hopefully, I’ll get to all of it eventually.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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